Anthony C. Lewis, Sr

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Elder Anthony C. Lewis, Sr. a native of Thomasville, Alabama and is the son of Mr. Joe Anthony Lewis and the late Sherron McCoy. He grew up singing in the church and served faithfully in the youth music department alongside his two younger siblings.

In July 1993, Elder Lewis enlisted in the United States Army and it was during his military service that he changed his life and decided to go with Jesus all the way.  While stationed in Germany, his faithfulness as a young Minister led to him being appointed as Pastor of Greater Realness Church of God In Christ by the late Bishop Carlos L. Moody Sr., Jurisdictional Prelate of the Germany Jurisdiction. In his service to the church, he never lost his passion for music, in addition to his pastoral position he continued to serve as the Assistant Minister of Music for the Germany Jurisdictional Choir. Elder Lewis have worked with musicians world-wide and has had the opportunity to be the Executive Producer for the Gospel group “Excited Voices of Christ”, that was featured at Donnie McClurkin’s “New Artist” Showcase in Orlando, FL. He has since had the joy of singing with various gospel groups such as Divine Messengers, Anointed Worshippers and Rob Hall and Company. His vocal gift the Lord blessed him with has been a joy to many and he never ceased in giving God all the Glory. In June 2008, Elder Lewis and his family moved to San Antonio, TX and joined New Birth Church of God in Christ where he eventually took on the role as Assistant Pastor followed by the title of Minister in Charge for over eight years. During a Jurisdictional Leadership meeting in January 2015, Elder Lewis was appointed as Pastor of New Birth Church of God in Christ by Bishop A. Ladell Thomas Jr. of the Texas Southeast Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. The name of the church was immediately changed to Greater New Birth Church of God in Christ as it remains today. Elder Lewis has a love for God’s people and serves with compassion and dedication to all God has connected him with. His vision for the church is to “Connect God’s People back to Him, the True Vine”, and he doesn’t slack in his teachings and preaching of what thus saith The Lord. 

His profession outside of preaching the Word of God is that of a Master Barber for over 20 years, however his work for the Lord is second to none. He is the owner of three Barber and Beauty Salons that he has given the profound name of “Anointed Cuts”. As owner and Barber, he not only provides his clients with an “anointed” look, he’s also instrumental in sharing in God’s Word and offering prayer when the opportunity presents itself. 

All of Elder Lewis’ accomplishments, gifts and talents are praised by many that know him, however if asked to name a few of his proudest moments, he would say one of them holds the date of February 28, 1998. This is the day he was joined in Holy Matrimony to the love of his life, Mrs. Valinda Lewis, aka, “Lady V”. Elder Lewis simply adores his bride and is delighted to have her work alongside of him in the ministry for over 20 years. He was blessed to have met Lady V during his time in the military and after hearing the voice of God, to exit, he continued to support his wife who remained until her retirement in 2017. They are the proud and blessed parents of two daughters, Aysia and Aalijah, a really handsome son, Anthony “TJ” Jr., and the most recent addition, a very enthusiastic grandson, name Azriel.

This is certainly not the end of the story for Elder Lewis and his beautiful family, for God has so much more for them to do.

Lady V

Minister of Music
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Lady V is not only the beautiful wife of our beloved Pastor but she’s a woman of many hats. She serves as Church Administrator, the Minister of Music and Worship Leader in addition to heading up our Women’s ministry. Lady V spreads her gifts, love and talents not just locally but also at the District and Jurisdictional level. Lady V is currently the District Minister of Music for the M.G. Grady District and Youth Department Chairlady for Texas Southeast II Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Despite her wings being spread across the music ministry, her passion is teaching. Lady V loves studying and expounding on the Word of God. She’s very sensitive about what the Word of God instructs us on how to live a life that’s pleasing to God. Her motto is “My Faith looks up to Thee” because trials and tribulations come for everyone, it has no respect of persons but how you deal with them is what really matters, she believes keeping your faith grounded in The Savior will keep you during those trying times. Lastly, the love she has for our youth is unexplainable, but displayed daily through the love shown to her own. Pastor and Lady V always instruct their children Aysia, Anthony “TJ” and Aalijah to live a life of holiness, they are blessed to share with their grandson, Azriel, the love of God as he grows in the knowledge. Lady V is an example of a Virtuous woman as explained in Proverbs 31 and truly cares for all of GNB family and friends.

Missionary Gloria Turbin

Church Mother
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Missionary Gloria Turbin received appointment as the Church Mother for GNB during the 2018 Annual Business meeting.  Although she received her license as a Deaconess Missionary, she is currently still attending the School of Ministry in order to learn more about living a Salvation-filled Christian life while simultaneously gaining knowledge about the Church of God in Christ. Our prayer is that with the teachings under the leadership of Pastor A.C. Lewis Sr., and a consistent Prayer life, she will continue to grow and become the Church Mother rooted and grounded in the Word of God that Greater New Birth can benefit from. 

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