Vision and Mission

Missions Defined: To the believer missions means carrying the gospel message to those who have not heard it and trying to win them to Christ especially through a group of selected workers called missionaries, both men and women, and establishing the Church where it has not been established. In simple terms, Missions mean “reaching the unreached with the Gospel”.

Vision Statement: To reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide relief for the suffering at home and around the world

The Mission of Missions:

  1. To educate, train, and develop members in all aspects of missions work
  2. To commit to the progression of preaching the gospel in areas where there appears that sound doctrine is not being preached
  3. To strengthen our Church growth by continuing to appoint dedicated overseers to carry out the work
  4. To continue conducting clothing, toys and food drives for the community, especially in areas of economic hardship
  5. To promote home missions by encouraging the church to do the following:

a) Engage in activities to build/restore the family unit

b) Engage in missions and development of the community

c) Engage in active street, prison, and nursing home ministries

d) Commit to the financial support of GNB’s Missions Department