Developing Today’s Youth To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders

The mission of Greater New Births Scholastic Motivation Ministries is to equip and prepare youth to excel academically and develop professionally, to successfully and positively impact their faith, family, and future.

Scholastic Motivation offers a number of areas in which our youth can participate, we are currently under construction in the building up of this ministry in order to allow our youth to excel and also participate at the National level.

Areas of Scholastic Motivation includes but not limited to: Bible bowl, Computer workshops, Creative writing, Leadership training and development, Mathematics workshop, Networking opportunities, Oratorical competitions, Political education, Robotics program, Spelling Bee, Smart Money Matters and Youth Talent showcase.

Mission of GNB’s Youth Department

Greater New Birth Youth Department will use innovative methods to insure that our youth become valued resources to their families, church, and communities. We will teach them how to become self-sustaining productive citizens. This department will pursue financial resources that will allow us to cultivate opportunities for the church’s young to become economically empowered and producers of jobs in the body of Christ, without compromising Godly principles. Thus, producing law-abiding outstanding youth to become agents of change in our church and society.

Visionary Goals

It is the goal of the Youth Department of GNB to enhance the lives of its members, both naturally and spiritually, thereby equipping them to successfully confront their present challenges, and those in the years to come. This goal will be achieved by producing informative and innovative techniques via conventions, youth rallies, shut-ins, etc., designed to address the existing issues concerning our youth, and their current circumstances.

The leadership of GNB’s Youth Department will actively and aggressively seek talent within our church necessary to bring these goals to fruition maintaining dignity, Christian purpose, and integrity.


The GNB Youth Department will perpetuate an equipping ministry of excellence to prepare our youth for worldwide ministry. Each and every member of our youth department will function as concerned, skilled, youth leaders to carry out the vision of this department, and enable our youth to live Godly and fulfilling lives.

The GNB Youth Department is a vibrant training auxiliary that exists to equip our youth with the necessary training to live a prosperous and victorious life in Jesus Christ. This charismatic department will design, develop, and implement programs and ministry opportunities that meet the spiritual needs of the youth of our church. Rallies, workshops, and pertinent seminars will be tools used to effectively teach our youth how to apply the Word of God in their lives.

YPWW Training Union

“You are evidently aware of the fact that true religious education consists of instruction and practical expressions of the truths learned. Therefore with this thought in mind, I have reached the conclusion that there is a large and important place in which training is given in Christian activities and opportunity is made for adequate expressions of the Christian experience. In the Church of God in Christ, this auxiliary is called the Y.P.W.W. In other organizations we may note similar names which are used, such as the Young People’s League, Christian Endeavor, BYPU, etc.” Written by the Bishop O.T. Jones, Sr., the Second International YPWW President, Church of God In Christ Manual.

Christ is the answer Acts 4:12
Occupy till I come St. Luke 19:13
Grow in Grace 2 Peter 3:18
In all thy ways acknowledge Him Proverbs 3:6
Cleave to that which is good Romans 12:9
Young people yield yourself to God in your youth. Ecclesiastes 12:1
Prayer secures pardon, peace, purity, and paradise. St. Matthew 7:7
Willing Workers wanted to win souls for Christ St. Matthew 9:37-38
We must work while it is day. St. John 9:4