Single adults continue to be the fastest-growing marital demographic in America. At the same time, they are under-represented in our churches. The number of singles in this country has increased dramatically. The increase in singles has coincided with a decline in the numbers attending churches may have come from a failure to reach single adults rather than a massive desertion of church members.


Singles are not all just looking to get married. When or if they become married, they will not be more whole.


The Singles ministry is a service to the community, inside and outside of the walls of the church. Singles are ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace.

  • To expand and strengthen the Kingdom of God by winning souls for Christ.
  • Support the church vision by meeting the needs of singles in the church.
  • Provide programs and activities for single adults who want spiritual growth, healing opportunities, and social fellowship.
  • Stress biblical development before social and educational development.
  • Provide programs and activities that create a morally and spiritually sound environment.
  • Create opportunities for singles to connect, grow and impact others for Jesus Christ.
  • Provide a support system that enables singles’ to grow as believers of Jesus Christ through ongoing discipleship with other like-minded singles’.

This ministry is for all adult singles of all ages. By adult singles we mean people in the body of Christ that are considered to be adults who have never been married or who are widows, widowers, divorced, etc. This includes single parents. In other words, Men of Standard who do not have a good thing (Prov 18:22) and Women of Grace who are not reconciled to a man (Gen 2:18 ; 1 Cor 7:10-11)